#5NewTracks to get through the week (Sobhhï, Alley Boy)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Sobhhï, Alley Boy, Dee Wallz and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Sobhhï – Yes, I Disappeared (Submission)

Over an enchanting beat, Sobhhï, the Dubai-based singer-songwriter and producer, sings about disappearing. I don’t know about you, but when someone ghosts on me I have a problem with it. Specifically, the production is what intrigued me. If he is the one who produced the track, too, I respect you. Bravo!

Alley Boy – The Interview (Submission)

There’s something about a Southern accent that I love. Alley Boy, the Atlantan is best known for ‘living that life.’ “The Interview” is a track that allegedly answers a few questions about his life and a robbery went wrong. I dated a known robber once. The stories he shared with me were scary. I could only imagine what’s going through their heads before, during, and after each incident. Stream the Taliban-produced track now.

Dee Wallz – ’94/’95 Ferrari (Submission)

Excuse me. Do you hear that beat? It screams Houston, Texas, and we all know how I feel about Houston. Personally, I’d like to hear more variations on the vocal side. Otherwise, it’s doable and danceable. Dee Wallz isn’t a well-known artist yet, but if he continues to select beats like this to rap over, he will garner the attention he wants.

Mahalo – Heaven featuring Cat Lewis (Famba Remix) (Submission)

You didn’t come here to be cute. You came here to dance! So get to it! Let’s go! Bask and delight in the vivacious Famba remix track for the Mahalo original “Heaven” featuring Cat Lewis now.

JJ Leone – Four Five Minutes (Submission)

I know JJ Leone wants to allude to the things he can do with his lover in four-to-five minutes, but I want to share mine. Here is a list of things we (my future significant other and I) can do in about four to five minutes are listed below:

Write an email.
Earn money on SubmitHub.
Work towards our first pregnancy.
Eat a one-course meal.
Listen to a song.
Write about the said song.
Walk to the bodega.

ADONIS – My Different Lover (Submission) (Bonus)

I won’t hold you up. ADONIS’ “My Different Lover” doesn’t sound like it is from these times. It reminds me of the Leverts, and they’re legendary. It is fitting for the artist, though. He used to sing background for Jermaine Jackson. Check out the record from the former backing vocalist’s upcoming album, “The Genies’ Out the Bottle” now.