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Snoop Dogg shares video for title track: Neva Left

Snoop Dogg shares video for title track: Neva Left

Snoop Dogg's Neva Left cover art

His name should be Snoop Longevity.



es, it’s true: Snoop Dogg neva left. For as long as I’ve been watching television and now, surfing the web, he has been there. The video begins with Snoop at the table playing Dominoes in a red lit room. Cartoons have always been part of Snoop Dogg’s branding, so it is no surprise. I would also like to point out that like the other legendary rappers, Snoop Dogg continues to sound the same and stays in his lane. His flow is the same; Remains consistent.

Lately, chart-topping artists are entering the Gospel industry. Snoop Dogg is one of them. According to Rap-Up, it will be the theme of the recording artist’s sixteenth album. During an interview with Dr Dre’s “The Pharmacy,” he explained why he chose to take that route.

Snoop Dogg's Neva Left cover art
Photo: Chi Modu

“I’m working on a Gospel album,” he announced. The entertainer shared that it has been on his heart for a good amount of time. Since he was doing business that didn’t seem to match, he held off on it.

He continued, “I just felt like it’s been on my heart too long. I need to do it now.”

He’s known for reinventing himself. In 2013, he was Snoop Lion; “A reggae-singing messenger of hope,” says Simon Hattenstone for The Guardian. As a childhood fan of Snoop Dogg, personally, I am looking forward to hearing the Gospel album.

Watch the video for the title track, Neva Left, now.


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