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Snoh Aalegra releases the passion-filled video for her single ‘You’


The vocally gifted, Snoh Aalegra, releases the video for her single ‘You’. The video is simple in nature, a black and white filtered camera screen with her seated performing her record. The simplicity of the video helps with the display of her passion and allows for listeners and fans to focus a bit deeper into the lyrics, the feel and her vocal abilities. The song touches on her desire to have a love that is certain and not just something to advertise. She wants to be sure that the person she is sharing herself with is someone who is fully committed to. She also comes to the realization that she probably already spoke too much cause people around her thinks what they got isn’t good enough, but for her, she know she can’t live without him. Beautifully performed, full of passion and vocal superiority, Snoh Aalegra’s ‘You’ should be on your to-view-list!


Written by Brandon Wint

His genuine love for music and people drives his passion for writing. Follow Brandon as he leads you to some of the best new artists.

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