Watch R&B songstress Snoh Aalegra’s video for ‘DYING 4 YOUR LOVE’

Photo: Apple Music
Photo: Apple Music

Whether it is her captivating vocals, or the relatability of her lyrics, Snoh Aalegra finds a way to awaken the deep emotions listeners associate with love and the journey it brings them on. On her latest release, ‘DYING 4 YOUR LOVE’, Snoh Aalegra presents some valid questions, as she is battling with moving on from a person she has deep-rooted feelings for. The video, directed by IPW starts off with an all-too-familiar scene of her struggling to find the right words to text a past lover. The video then breaks into a futuristic setting, where she sings, dances, and spends some time reflecting on her lost love as meteor showers pass by.

The video does an excellent job, as it aids in creating a space for her to display the different emotions that the song might conjure up. This being her first official release since 2019’s ‘-Ugh, Those Feels Again’, has listeners excited for what is to come. The R&B songstress has done it again, ‘DYING 4 YOUR LOVE’ is a really great song and video!

Written by Manny King John

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