Smoota makes S&M-inspired song called ‘Ballbuster’: Listen




Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Ballbusting is a full-time job. Grabbing humans by the seat of their pants is a role that no one can prepare you for, you’re just born to ball bust. In light of the honorary gig of scrotum-gripping, Smoota shares the latest single from his forthcoming album aptly titled, ‘Pheromones’.

According to the news I’ve read, there are two official videos (censored and uncensored) underway for the song. If you wonder what inspired the music, ‘Ballbuster’ is a love song using S&M imagery and the double entendre of the word ballbuster: 1. a woman who is rough on a man and 2. something that causes ejaculation.

“I wanted to write a song that portrays S&M in a sweeter light, as something no different than any other type of relationship. William K Nithercott shot the video using a handheld camera over the course of a day in which Kills To Kisses and I enacted a day in the life of a loving master-slave S&M couple.”

Based on the lyrics of the song and what the artist says it means, I look forward to seeing how he executes his creative concepts. Stream the Boston-native singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s new track below.