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Hear Skeme’s new mixtape, “1st Notice”

The production is well-done, and the Californian’s voice sounds as good as it ever has.

As Skeme readies for his debut full-length, Overdue, here’s a new mixtape.



here are plenty of new projects coming that I cannot cover. So I’ve decided to write about and support the works that stand out to me the most today. First up is Skeme’s new four-track mixtape: 1st Notice. There are no features. The production is well-done, and the Californian’s voice sounds as good as it ever has.

“Krooked Cannon,” the first song from the mixtape, is produced by Don Cannon & G Koop. On the record, he talks about working three shifts, the music industry, and the rights that a lazy individual has. During my first pass, “10 For 10” (produced by Pierre Bourne) piqued my interest the most. In all honesty, he sounds like Atlanta’s legendary artist, Future, but his sound is what is trending right now. I don’t blame Skeme for making a radio record. It’s called being competitive. Personally, I like the confidence he exudes and the line about his diamonds dancing.

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Next, “Existence” brings back that warm classic Los Angeles sound. On the track, he gives all praises to God. He acknowledges that God is the reason he is alive today. Also, the line about speaking things into existence struck a chord with me. I believe in the power of words and energy.

Finally, “Free The Dawgs” heads back to the current musical landscape. Overall, I think Skeme’s new music effort is a handsome one. I’d like to see some visuals for the project. I also anticipate the release of the full-length, Overdue.

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Inglewood, California rapper-songwriter-producer Skeme has made a name for himself in recent years, collaborating with big names like Chris Brown, DJ Drama, and The Game, as well as his Generation Now label mate Lil Uzi Vert. In fact, Skeme’s latest feat as a songwriter and featured artist on DJ Drama’s hit single, “Wishing,” has received more than 18 million YouTube views and is certified gold.


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