SIYA’s “Open Letter” Freestyle

In April, SIYA released a cover video of JAY Z’s “Open Letter” just three days after the original. In it, the emerging emcee sits whilst taking blatant shots (of truth) at her fellow Brooklynite and potential boss:

I’m a Brooklyn bitch. Chain snatcher, I pull triggers /

Slangin’ all this rock, you would think that I knew Jigga /

I do nigga / Not really, we had a meeting though /

Said they wanna sign me but them niggas still sleepin’ though /

Immediately following these lines, SIYA states, “Shots fired. Y’all gon’ learn today” on the Swizz Beatz produced track. In the following verse, she continues with mentions of signing with French Montana: “And Frenchie said he ready but I’d probably go with T.I.”

All lesbian rap talk aside, SIYA is an undeniable talent. In fact, we believe she’s hotter than most rappers on the commercial forefront — all sexes included. Whoever signs her —especially— in this day and time, will surely garner an audience that has been unrepresented (or misrepresented) for the lifespan of Hip-Hop culture. She’s out, and unlike any other women we’ve experienced in Hip-Hop’s past. We’re all in. Someone give SIYA the deal already. She has it!

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