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Song of the Day: ‘I Went Whaling in My Gap Year’ by Sister Wanzala

What does it mean to go whaling in your gap year?

Photo: Courtesy of the artists


Sister Wanzala
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

What does it mean to go whaling in your gap year? If you’re like me, you’re inexperienced to the idea of whaling. Initially, I thought it was synonymous with coming of age. Then, I thought it was like a sabbatical of some kind. Luckily, I had a chance to converse with one of the bandmates about the lyrics to the music.

It’s not based on a true story, thankfully. I love whales. I don’t think the crew of a Whaling ship would find a crying Englishman very useful.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to complete myself (whatever that means). Maybe if I buy this jumper, or sell my that synthesiser, or give all my shoes to charity, or move my bed against the opposite wall, or store my grooming products in a different cupboard—etcetera etcetera. It never works.

I know folk use travel to scratch that itch, to broaden the mind, to find oneself, but for some reason, it’s never appealed to me.

So the song is about me giving it a try. Quitting the day job, packing my rucksack, throwing away my phone and buying a one-way ticket to Japan or Norway to volunteer on a Whaling ship for a year.

Obviously, it doesn’t work.

The beginning of the music sounds like the opening sequence to True Blood. I loved to watch ‘True Blood’.

Pete Wilde, wherever you are, I think you’d be proud to know that this band exists.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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