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Watch Danish duo Shy shy shy’s interesting video for ‘Neon’, a dedication track for anyone you’re not into

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Seeing someone get turned down is heartbreaking unless you have something to gain, as a result of their embarrassment. On the flip side, having to spell it out for someone in neon letters also has to be one of the most annoying yet liberating tasks. I’ve ducked a male and female or two in my day, but I’d never had to write it in neon. Bold text, maybe, but never in neon.

I went to a high school that had a wrestling team. I never went to any of the games, so watching this video gave me a perspective of what goes on. Check out the fantastic music video direction by Dennis Morton & Mathias Strømfeldt for Danish group Shy shy shy’s latest record. It is from their forthcoming three-track EP ‘Gloss’.



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