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SHIRT visits his label’s pressing plant in “180 Grams – Climate Change”

Irregularity is a strong suit when it comes to the quaint recording artist.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

I’ve always found SHIRT to be different. Irregularity is a strong suit when it comes to the quaint recording artist. From his video treatments to the choices of topics in his catalogue, the multifaceted artist brings forth his unmatched versions of expression and execution. Like most creative people, he has an appreciation for artists before his time. With John Baldessari’s permission, the album art features an original work.

For his latest video, the Queens rapper travels to Detroit, Michigan—once the thriving city where Americans could become a blue-collar worker in the automobile industry and feed their families—to his label’s pressing plant. In the video, you’ll see the workers putting together the ‘Pure Beauty’ album on vinyl. Perhaps, what SHIRT is conveying (visually) is that it takes a team to build a product worthy of our attention. Nonetheless, ‘Pure Beauty’ is his debut release out now on Jack White’s genre-free label, Third Man Records. Watch the video shot by Everett Stewart.

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Living in a new age of Hip-Hop as the multi-talented artist, SHIRT embodies the roles of composer, painter, rap music sculptor and writer. While he began on the outskirts of rap blazing through multimedia projects to garner attention including a fake New York Times article, illegal merch ideas, and stunts in his hometown, it was his innovative street albums that garnered him internet buzz as one to watch.

Currently, SHIRT lives abroad in Europe for the first time in his life, where he is completing a Master’s in Fine Arts degree. Although he is a high school dropout, SHIRT was accepted based on his impressive portfolio of music and multi-medium art. Additionally, SHIRT has a GED and no undergraduate degree. Stay close as SHIRT continues an exciting journey.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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