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Brooklyn’s fast-rising Drill star Sheff G shares ‘No Negotiations’: Listen

It is the third single from his forthcoming project ‘Proud Of Me Now’.

Photo: Apple Music

Brooklyn Drill rapper Sheff G has had a hell of a year, musically being on the winning side of it. Now, he shares the third single ‘No Negotiations’ from his forthcoming project ‘Proud Of Me Now’, and like all the other releases this song is really good. One of his underrated qualities is his ability to draw listeners into visualizing his setting and experience the grimy nature of his descriptive lyrics. This time around, he’s leaving a warning for anyone who feels they could run up on him. He isn’t a stranger to the haters, but that’s fine because he is moving on “demon time” with no room for negotiations. His lyrics are always complimented by his choice of production and the energy he performs each track with! Sheff G’s ‘No Negotiations’ shows that he ain’t slowing down in this art, so might as well get hip to it!


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