Worth the Watch: She Makes War’s “I Want My Country” (Review)

She Makes War wants her country back. Give it to her.



he protest anthem is back in full force my friends. It’s refreshing to hear a song about something other than fucking and feelings. Music does not always need a purpose. It’s transformative when it does. Bristol artist She Makes War has released a video for the protest anthem “I want My Country Back.” The video includes cameos from the UK’s Thought Forms, Bassist Jim Barr (Portishead) and a shit ton of other musicians and regular folks like you and me.

Her voice is beautiful. Her words are needed.In the land of the free, under the regime of the Orange King, it’s easy to forget that there are evil, demonic forces everywhere. My people are too lazy to vote and project more outrage over McDonald’s getting rid of orange drink instead of the latest school shooting.

99% sure Theresa May didn’t even get “elected” to the PM position – think she was the only one on the ballot.

I try to stay away from current events from Friday night until Monday morning. I am sure that somewhere, some asshole has stabbed, run over, shot, blown up, destroyed someone or something innocent. The world is big and bad, but the real trick is not losing our humanity.

Tink Tink, my bulldog, sat with his nose two inches from my Technics speakers while this song boomed. Think that means he liked it.


Written by Manny King John

Moses Sumney

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