Shari’s, Coco’s and Carrows crosses the line to end hunger



Shari’s Management Corporation, which oversees 153 locations and three brands including Shari’s Restaurants, Coco’s Restaurants and Bakery, and Carrows Restaurants, is launching a widespread Hunger Action Month effort that will cross eight state lines to end hunger in local communities.

The campaign will run in collaboration with 24 local Feeding America affiliated food banks throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada, from September 1-30, 2018. While Shari’s is not new to feeding the hungry through larger Feeding America Food Banks like the Oregon Food Bank, this initiative marks the first of many multi-state efforts Shari’s Management Corporation will make in the years to come to help feed millions of individuals—the most vulnerable being children and the elderly – who are food-insecure.

Sam Borgese, CEO of Shari’s Management Corporation, stated, “It is always gratifying to collaborate with new and old friends at Feeding America food banks throughout the west coast and southwest. Ending hunger is a passion of ours, particularly in the face of the facts that 83% of the food in the restaurant industry goes to waste while 41 million people in the US—nearly all living below federal poverty levels—struggle with hunger every day. That is simply unacceptable and it’s solvable.” Borgese explained, “This is why we’re launching our ‘Shari’s Cares,’ ‘Coco’s Cares’ and ‘Carrows Cares’ Hunger Action initiatives in collaboration with several Feeding America Food Banks starting September 1, 2018.” He continued, “We can do our part to help end hunger not only during the entire month of September—which is Hunger Action Month—but also on an ongoing basis throughout this year and every year going forward.” Borgese mentioned that his teams are collaborating to find ways to safely distribute restaurant food surpluses to those in need and that Shari’s Management Corporation is also planning several team volunteer events to help distribute food to those at risk for going hungry.

Shari’s Management Corporation invites all of our guests and friends to share in our effort to combat hunger. To learn more or to donate, please visit, or or