ShaqIsDope shares two new songs

ShaqIsDope, the Toronto-native, was slowly but surely creeping onto the rap scene in the United States. A couple of days ago, Shaq gave us a release date for his newest project entitled Black Frames; now March 3 seems like it can’t come fast enough! Using a lyrical style that is radically different from artists from his area, SID lets his emotions run free through his music. On these two new tracks, he tells us the story of the struggle that got him and speaks of what’s coming in his near future.

“Black Frames Freestyle” is two minutes of real rap with no hook. Pitt Tha Kid put together the perfect beat for SID to go in on. If he didn’t put that this track was a freestyle in the title, I would have never guessed. Stream the track below to listen to the pure talent on full display.

Thankfully, Shaq gave us one more track to keep our ears occupied until the Black Frames project drops. “The Weapon” is almost twice as long as the Black Frames Freestyle and has an entirely different vibe. On this track, you can tell anger and frustration were present. There are a lot of feelings and lyrics in this track that I’m sure you can relate to, so give this record some play time.

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Written by Manny King John

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