On Canada Day, Toronto artist ShaqIsDope releases new single ‘Feeling Like This’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of management
Photo: Courtesy of management

ShaqIsDope released a smooth new single called, ‘Feeling Like This’. The artist embraces the modern R&B/Hip-Hop hybrid sound with a medley of instrumentals, although the stand-out instrumental is the piano. The song is light both in sound and subject matter, but impactful, nonetheless. The chorus is clean and we even get a hint of vocalism from the artist. The R&B chorus combined with undeniably present lyricism makes the song a multidimensional masterpiece. The record is in collaboration with Miller Genuine Draft and the company’s ‘MGD Design Lab Capsule Collection’ with Jeff Staples. Hear the Jay 808 production below.

Written by Manny King John

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