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Premiere: Shamon Cassette and Japandrew drop joint project ‘WARDROBE’

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

‘WARDROBE’ is no doubt the kind of project we need in the midst of chaos. It’s chill, nostalgic, and high quality. Shamon Caseette and Japandrew’s collaboration is relevant and necessary for all true Hip-Hop lovers. As the tracks progressed, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Wu-Tang Clan, The Pharcyde, etc. The artist describes the project as ‘AN ANALOG AUDIO VISUAL SCI-FI ANTIDOTE..’–accurate. This project is artistically advanced; every beat, bar, and even down to your visual experience with album art being extremely intentional and cohesive. This is what you want to listen to if you miss that pure Hip-Hop feel.

Written by Manny King John

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  1. Sheikeeee, “Respect”, already an instant fan!
    I’m on the same creative wavelength with your vibes…

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