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Song of the Day: ‘Self Medicated’ by Seann Bowe
Seann Bowe


Name: Seann Bowe
Representing: Milwaukee, United States
Genre: Rock
For fans of: KoЯn, Linkin Park
Single from: The Forest EP
Produced by: Seann Bowe
Song of the Day: January 24, 2019
Label(s): Northern Streams

We’re all looking for a cure to something. Some of us want to self-medicate the heartbreaks we endure. For others, it is a way out of a tough time. I believe there’s a cure out there for whatever bothers or hinders your progress. If you find it in something or someone, it’s there. Take it in healthy doses. Becoming an addict is never a solution. It just begets more problems.

Specifically, I want to point out the effortless talent that Seann Bowe has. He’s the best messenger to deliver this message. Not due to any personal reasons, but because his voice is endearingly beautiful. Hear ‘Self Medicated’ now from the Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter’s amazingly-blended ‘Forest’ EP now. He’s one of my favourite new artists now.

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