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New Music Saturdays: 5 new artists you should know featuring Seann Bowe and Lucy Lovesick

Discover five new songs by artists you’ve probably never heard of until now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Seann Bowe – What I Like (Submission)

Seann Bowe exudes passion in a way that no one can ignore. Listen to the explosive new record ‘What I Like’, then, let me know if you can. The song that talks about being anti-social and suicide is from his brand new extended play titled ‘The Forest’. It’s very short, but that’s good in the world of streaming. You’d play it over and over as I did.

Meth Mouth – Glory Hole (Submission)

It’s party time, people! There’s no way you can sit down when this song comes on. Bomb Vest does an incredible job at delivering the lyrics as intended over the Donkychip production. Check out Meth Mouth’s intensifying new soundscape below. I feel like the people who listen to this sort of music wear boots like mine.

Arizé – closeyés (Submission)

Have you ever been taken by the sight of someone? It sounds like Arizé is captivated by a special someone, but it’s hard to figure it out because the song cuts off at an odd place. He hasn’t met her yet, because he doesn’t know her name, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling the way he does. Check out the short song down below.

GINNY – Suddenly Something (Submission)

More than anything else on this song, I enjoy the sound of GINNY’s vocals. If I were to hear her signature voice on any other record, or anywhere in this world, I would know it is her. As far as the song goes, it is about “walking through the door and away from someone that just leaves you waiting around for them.” The official music video should be out within a week. In the meantime, stream the audio for the record below.

Lucy Lovesick – Crazy Makes Crazy (Submission)

Making the best of a shitty situation is always admirable. It’s what Lucy Lovesick did with her depression.

The vocalist-turned-producer says her song is a “bleak reflection on a crazy turn of events” that occurred in my life. Making this song was [a] catharsis for me; weaving the torn and tattered threads of a past life into the tapestry of a new one.”

Have you ever heard the term “Goth-Garage”? Well, here’s your chance to hear glitchy a new record described as such.

Written by Manny King John

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