Brooklyn-based artist Sean McVerry shares official video for ‘Maria’: Watch

Sean McVerry harmonizing ‘Maria’ song gives a lullaby feel that makes the love song more enjoyable. The video opens with a man in the mirror, simply staring at his own reflection before going along stage to fellow ballerinas, who are also dressed in all white, giving an angel image.

The crew of dancers start to dance, in sync, before one discovers a man on the floor reading then the video turns into a mini story. The pair start embracing one another in dance, then a spot light is shown on a ladder. After that the female lead is shown on stage alone, hitting that the production is over, this is a metaphor for a bigger meaning but for right now it is assumed that the guy simply just left.

The video was a tad hard to follow, but that does not take away from the song being a symphonic art. Watch the video below.

Written by Manny King John

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