Art imitates life: Watch ScienZe’s split-video for “IWRAWBFY” and “Main Course”

“We didn’t come from money, so we had to get it how we lived.”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

I just texted this to a woman. I’m trying to see something real quick. Watch ScienZe’s new video below.



hen I was young, I was fascinated with movies about bank robbers and gangsters. If you think about it, they are one in the same. I remember. I was only sixteen-years-old. I had a friend who was about to have a baby. He was very excited, but nervous.

He was excited about fatherhood. Something that he never experienced, but he was nervous because he could barely take care of himself. If you were to ask him, he would share how much he loved his girl. Rightfully, my friend would do anything for his girl. He wanted to be sure she was secure. They were inseparable, too. If you saw one, you saw the other. There was never a time he didn’t speak of her or say how great she was, and the plans he had for their family.

We didn’t come from money, so we had to get it how we lived. One day after binge-watching movies like “Set It Off” and “Bonnie and Clyde”, my friend looks with this very determined and focused demeanour and says,

“If I want to be able to feed my family and my girl, I’m gonna have to hit a lick, like a bank!”

Of course, everyone in the room began to laugh because bruh, a bank? He was serious though. He sat there in tears, explaining how he would do anything for his girl even if that meant risking everything.

So, he did. One day, he went to a bank and robbed it. He went in there with nothing to lose and everything to gain—in his mind—for his family. He wanted a better life for the one person he adored the most in the world. A few months later, he got caught. He earned a life sentence, but for those few months, he gave everything to his girl.

With his new video, “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You,” ScienZe brings us a beautiful story of love. Written about a woman who he says he would rob a whole bank for and giver her the bag.

“Crack the safe/If that meant I was saving ya”

Then, the video transitions to the second song called, “Main Course” where ScienZe flips his cadence and has the bag and the girl.

“Tell your friends I’m treating you good/Tell your man you got a new man”

I just texted this to a woman. I’m trying to see something real quick. The split-video and the songs are well-done. Watch, now.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Written by Manny King John

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