Say’hu Speaks on “Dear Winter” Video Treatment


Upon receiving receiving Say’hu‘s emotional video for “Dear Winter”, we knew it would be best to ask the artist to explain his inspiration for displaying his lead woman in this light. He answers eloquently.

Dear Winter is a reminiscing love story filled with passion and lust. The song is metaphorically used to depict two young lovers and the feelings their love brings during the cold sorrowful months. Hoping their love stays the same and never to changes like the seasons. I paint the picture that I’m gonna ride until the wheels fall off, so to speak. There are a lot of double entendres and I wanted it that way because I want my listener to have their own interpretation. I’ve always loved songs that make you go back to catch a line or two. I wrote the song a while ago and came to Nuke with the idea and he was down to to give it a shot and that, subsequently lead to me asking Fatima to do the hook, which I felt was beautifully put. The young lady in the video, played by Bre’Yana Michelle, is battling depression due to violent abuse by her lover. Thinking her looks no longer appeal to the social norms, she’s doing everything in her power to not be in that painful state. She goes through different phases throughout the video. She can’t understand why love did this to her and so she feels annoyed and angry with herself. I could have went the “normal” route and rap in front the camera, but I knew that’s something people would expect so I decided to go create a story that coincides with the song.

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Written by Manny King John

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