Watch Saweetie’s twist on Neverland in the ‘Back to the Streets’ lyric video

Photo: Courtesy of the label

Saweetie just released her own sound with the help of Jhenè Aiko, in a new song that resembles a Tinker Bell fairy-theme in the mythical place of Neverland. The video opens with an icy fairy that is Saweetie, and the graphic absolutely look like they belong to an actual tv show. With the lyrics across the screen in pixie dust, the journey of games start as the male love interest is tooled with by Saweetie—as she accepts his mini gifts then send him back to the streets aka makes him disappear in dust back to the woods.

Jhenè Aiko slides on the track with eases and completes then fun tune with playful ad-libs that make this song cute sound and video wise. Saweetie is known for remastering and sampling songs and she wanted to show the naysayers that she can make and own her very own sound and did that! Watch the video below.

Written by Manny King John

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