Saul Williams releases first installment “Colton As Cotton” with TriBeCa Film Festival

The right people know how much I love technology and Saul Williams, so when the two topics merge, I’m a happy camper.

Saul Williams
Photo: Courtesy of the artist, Andrew Gura

Saul Williams, the groundbreaking artist (rapper, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, and actor) released a public service announcement of sorts, in which he openly encourages us all to hack today (but not like you’re thinking). Not calling for an illegal uproar per se, Saul Williams is putting us to the test and asking us to tap into our minds and hack intelligently to fight the many issues you’ll see featured in this video. Watch “Coltan As Cotton” and spread the news about it, as it is the first installment of what’s said to be a five part mini-video series Williams is releasing with Tribeca Film Festival in promotion of his forthcoming album “MartyrLoserKing”. The extraordinary being’s new album is set to release on the FADER label this Autumn. Lastly, if after watching, you’d like to delve into a full-fledged explanation of the video, head over to our fellow music media publisher website for the scoop.


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