Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Satin Jackets’ new single ‘Automatic’ featuring Panama sounds like a good time


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Imagine you’re on the dancefloor in the early seventies. You’re able to grow an afro. You’re wearing the outfit you planned to wear to this dance, and you’re finally with the person of your dreams. ‘Automatic’ by Satin Jackets comes on. Your dreamy partner asked you to dance with them. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for all year. Yeah, that’s what this one feels like–accomplishing your goals and dreams. Dance the night away, keep it healthy, and never let them go.

German musician Satin Jacket’s new album ‘Solar Nights’ comes out April 26 this year on Eskimo Recordings. It has fourteen tracks of Smooth Disco and leftfield Pop sounds with guest appearances from David Harks, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer, Panama, and Anduze.

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