#10NewRecords to get you through the week (Sara Diamond, ScienZe)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Sara Diamond, Ape Drums, Organised Scum, ScienZe, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Sara Diamond
Photo: Courtesy of the artist, Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond – Latter (Submission)

Before I get into how this song makes me feel, internally, I have to point out one of my favourite parts of the song. Sara Diamond, the Canadian singer-songwriter, speaks about being lost or lingering. Eventually, she wakes up, but running out of reasons to pass the time is a real experience.

Like I always tell young women who admire me or look to me for advice concerning the industry, I tell them not to linger. I can be wrong, but I don’t think there’s any power in lingering. If you are bored, I would advise that you leave the premises and head elsewhere. You don’t have to go home, but you should get the hell out of there!

When I’ve run out of reasons to pass the time, it means that the current person can no longer be a placeholder in my life. Yes, I’ve been there, and I’ve hurt people, too. I didn’t know it at the moment, but I found out later. It doesn’t make me feel good, but I’m always looking out for my heart when people of interest are involved. I won’t guard myself as if I will never love again, but I am cautious about who I give my heart to now. I have to be.

With such a beautiful voice, Sara Diamond sings about so many of us. She says the following about the track,

“I wrote Latter during a transitional time in my life. I was slowly starting to break down the constructs I had created about the life I was supposed to live. Life was forcing me to confront my ideas of success, happiness and passion, in ways that I wasn’t expecting. That feeling of being out of control can either shatter or shift us – and through writing about it and self-reflecting, I allowed life to unfold the way it was meant to. It’s nice to have a song that I can turn to in moments of questioning, because being on the other end of the struggle I was going through, I know it’s possible. If you’re feeling lost, know that it is a part of the journey and that you just have to ride the wave. Everything is temporary.”

ScienZe – Talk Is Cheap (Mercedes Freestyle) (Submission)

In a sexy ass composition, made by the incredible JMSN, Brooklyn-native recording artist ScienZe makes a call-to-action. He wants you to make music, and release it. Those words might sound simple, but when you’re on the other side of the music, working with artists, you’d understand. As smooth as the stride of a pimp, anywhere in this world in the 70s, he raps about some of the things that matter most to him. Check out the new record now.

Nazeeh – Diamonds featuring Ray Ave (Submission)

As a sucker for a good beat and a rhythmic pattern that doesn’t interrupt the producer’s composition, I am there. I’ll be truthful with you. I cannot remember any of the verses of the song, but the music made me want to dance. Sometimes, that’s all we need in a record. If you’re into Playboi Carti, this one is for you. Stream the track below.

Ape Drums – Shellz (featuring Denzel Curry & Frizzo) (Submission)

Since Trap is Electronic Dance Music laced with Rap vocals, it’s only right that worlds, that seem separate, fit. If you know the origin and the history of both genres, you’d know they are one in the same. Therefore, in modern times, I love when rappers work with Electronic producers. It makes the most sense to me, outside of the Soul sample-heavy side. If you think about Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s ‘The Message’ and Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force’s ‘Planet Rock’, you would know and understand that Hip-Hop has made its full circle. I am happy to have lived to experience it. Dancing is at the core of the art form, and always will be until it is time to slow things down and talk to our people. Without further ado, please check out Ape Drums‘ latest composition below, featuring vocals from the Carol City, Florida-representer Denzel Curry.

Audrey – Party (Submission)

Have you ever been accused of partying too much? When it is a part of your job, it is not an argument you’d want to entertain. As a thriving young woman, I think it is not up for debate. Connecting with someone who understands your lifestyle is your best bet, but it takes time. From experience, they are worth waiting on. Take your time. If it is destined, they will meet you where you are.

It’s her first go-round in the cycle of releasing music, but Audrey sounds like she belongs here, and she has been here for a long time. Once a dedicated student at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU Tisch, the New Jersey-native singer-songwriter has had success since. Now, Audrey shares a new song titled, ‘Party’. It has the right amount of everything you’d want in an Urban Contemporary/Pop song today. She’s also appeared in a Superbowl commercial with Sampha. She’s also teamed up with Anway Sawyer of Roc Nation.

Jenny Mayhem – Pickup Boy (Submission)

Aquatic, fruity, and oily are words that come to mind when I listen to Jenny Mayhem’s latest release about silly males who try to holler at random females. As with any well-written song, it evokes several thoughts and encourages your imagination to run wild. I think it’s pretty obvious, but if ‘Pickup Boy’ doesn’t have an official music video, it needs one! If you’re looking for that candy apple of a song to listen to as you lie down on your beach chair, stomach first, you should select ‘Pickup Boy’ by the Barbadian-Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Mayhem. If you are a fan of Santigold or Lily Allen, you may want to press play right now.

Organised Scum – Basic (Submission)

‘Basic’ is the kind of song I’d like to hear in real life, played in a room built to handle the ricocheting sounds of live music. Like the sentiment, GRUNGECAKE gives off, the name of the band is a dichotomic phrase that leaves you wondering: What is this thing? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Stream the British band’s second release of the year. It’s about coming to terms with doing too much—literally—running yourself to the ground. Who can’t relate to that?

Julia Lewis – Pink and Blue featuring BOSCO, DUCKWRTH and Jay Anthony (Submission)

As we are on the brink of a new season, a lot of us are looking to find new music to add to a playlist to match the vibrancy of Summer. Julia Lewis collaborated with BOSCO, DUCKWRTH, and Jay Anthony to provide ‘Pink and Blue,’ a smooth Rhythm and Blues tune to match your mood for those days when you want to ride around, feeling good with your windows down.

Ben Falik who makes most of his music on his computer and by using tools like a music production centre, prefers to be known by his pseudonym, Julia Lewis. “I wanted to take this persona to get people to think…and if you think about it you will probably remember it,’ the producer and songwriter hailing from Berkeley, California revealed in an old interview. On his Facebook, Lewis explains it more by relating it to “smoke and mirrors” and “playing with people’s expectations.”

The only thing nebulous about this artist is his name because his aptitude to produce something that makes you want to move is clear as day. Being raised in a musical family, Lewis himself studied Jazz as a young teen, playing the saxophone, bass, guitar, and piano.

Starting off with a fugacious hum, ‘Pink and Blue’ begins to entice with penetrating drums and bass backed by dallying synths. DUCKWRTH, BOSCO, and Jay Anthony all conglomerate with cantabile harmonies as their verses prance around the topic of deep love and getting medicated with your love. Lewis’ innate appreciation for music explains his use of analogue and electronic combinations and use of funky samples. I’m feeling this mellow yet upbeat vibe of this song and can assure that throughout my Summer this will play in heavy rotation. (Bree Ellis)

Drens – Best Friend (Submission)

Best friends are usually the individuals who bring out the best in us. So, as they sing about it in the lyrics of the music, not wanting to be alone makes sense. After knowing what real love is, it is hard to live life without it. I live through it now. When you’re like me, someone who opens their heart to people, you put yourself out there to be heartbroken. As foolish as it may sound to someone who isn’t like me, I cannot be what I am not. Showing love and support is what makes me who I am, so I understand the band’s need to become best friends with people who don’t have any. Furthermore, aptly pictured in the official cover art is a dog, the cheerful animal known to be man’s best friend. I love our dog. He shows me what unconditional love looks like every day. How fitting is that for the Dortmund/Cologne, Germany-native Rock band?

Rees Finley – Kill the Lizard (Submission)

Infectious and catchy as all hell, Los Angeles-based Pop singer-songwriter Rees Finley shared a song titled, ‘Kill the Lizard’ some time ago. The songwriting includes vocabulary that I like to use, and it forces you to see what he’s saying. In regards to the song, the artist said,

“Eclecticism is more than just an aesthetic to me. My desire to fuse seemingly incongruous thoughts and sounds is a direct result of my rampant curiosity and ADHD.” He adds, “When I first started writing the song I was thinking mainly about testosterone, and a specific episode of This American Life, which dissects how powerfully this chemical effects our view of the world around us. As I continued to add to the idea, I realized that the feeling of conflict between the conscious and unconscious is so much deeper than sex. Understanding the nuance of that divide really helps to illuminate why our society is set up the way it is.”

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, the artist released his debut EP last August. He’s ‘new’ in the sense of releasing solo music, but his sound is polished and ready for mainstream attraction. Stream the track to hear his seamless talent ooze through the speakers.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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