5@5: A morning playlist featuring Sara Diamond and False Heads

This 5@5 morning playlist consists of Sara Diamond, False Heads, Moss Folk, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Sara Diamond
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

SKAUSS – Alive (Submission)

As an American of a certain age, you know the slogan ‘Folgers in your cup’. Well, that’s what SKAUSS’ ‘Alive’ sounds like this morning. The producer who chooses to keep his anonymity released his debut ten-track album, ‘Whoami’, today. Check out the third single now.

On ​’Whoami​’, SKAUSS travels through layers of complex electronic rhythms steeped in shadows. From the eerie discordance and punchy percussion of ‘Father’ to the buzzing heartbeat and dreamy dance elements of ‘Free At Last’ and so much more in between, ​Whoami​ is an in-your-face introduction to the unending sonic skill of a nameless, faceless producer you’ll be dying to discover.

False Heads – Slease (Submission)

Waking up to the sounds of a fiery guitar usually gets the job done. Along with the head shaking that often pairs with the music of this kind. I like how the vocals come across on the False Head’s first record from their upcoming album. The East London-based three-piece Rock/Punk band have received power-packed verbal support from Iggy Pop and Danny Fields, the Legendary manager of The Ramones & A&R for Iggy & The Stooges & The MC5. What good company to be in, yeah? Watch the video for ‘Slease’ over a bowl of porridge.

Moss Folk – Misery Mothers (Submission)

It’s a short record, but the punch it has will wake you up out of a self-induced coma. Do you have a partner who sleeps like their dead? Play this record ‘Misery Mothers’ by Moss Folk; I guarantee it will make their soul shake! Listen to the Worcester, Massachusetts band’s one minute-fifty-six second long song below. The lyrics are deep and haunting. Read them below the player.

Mothers Kiss your children
You’ll never know what takes them
All those empty spaces
all their flags are faded

War in me
Choppers scream
Warning me
Warning me

War in me
War in me

Sara Diamond – Ride (Submission)

There’s no way you can hear Sara Diamond’s vocally; you don’t feel it in your core. To complement her melodic control, a Hip-Hop soul helps to tell her love story about picking up and riding for what/who you want/need in life. Hear the Montreal, Canada singer-songwriter’s new record below. The R&B/Soul singer asks pertinent questions to get to know the person of interest, which I believe is very important.

Noah Kahan – Mess (Submission)

If it sounds like it can be synch licensed in a breakfast food commercial, then, it will probably end up in a morning playlist like this one. Noah Kahan is a young singer-songwriter who has had travelled the world because of his music. Watch the official video for ‘Mess’ below. It’s a festival-style record that is bound to have people singing from the ground floor to the back of any given stadium or outdoor music venue.

Northern National – Not All Family Is Blood (Submission) (Bonus)

I am unsure if there’s another song that dedicates itself to the perfect people on the planet for us, but the Dallas, Texas four-piece band Northern National just released one. In line with a previous release, ‘Slow Down’, the group continues to be forthright in their messaging. Unfortunately, the title of the new track is the truth. All family members aren’t blood. Some of us find and attach ourselves to our friends, whom we ultimately treat like family. We don’t pick who we are blood-relatives with, but we can handpick who stays in our lives.

Fun Fact: Taco Bell featured their song this week.

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