Zambia-native rapper Sampa the Great dispels oppression in new song ‘Final Form’


It’s easy to get caught up in the constant chatter around you about how ‘you are not there yet’, how you ‘might not make it’, Sampa says. Final Form is about expanding yourself and calling out any negativity towards that growth process. As an artist I now recognise my in-between stage; sometimes it drops and sometimes it rises, but I love that I get to level up each second. I might even final form tomorrow.

There’s a certain kind of thing that happens when people are operating at a high level of vibration. Everything around them seems to be different, enriching, and authentic without force. Without knowing who was involved with ‘Final Form’, I heard and felt it. The big record dispels oppression of Black people, celebrating that very blackness. Hear the masterfully-produced and mixed track by the esteemed artist below.

And just like that, we just came across the music video. Watch it below.