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Alamo Records singer Sainvil puts us in our feelings with ‘Need 2’ visual: Watch

Alamo Records signee and Los Angeles-based R&B singer Sainvil tells a story of love and heartache with the visual for his song ‘Need 2’. Anyone that has experienced a relationship has also gone through the toxic cycles that come with it. It you haven’t, count yourself as extremely blessed. However, this isn’t the case for Sainvil. In the visual, he seems to be going through motions of love and war between his spouse. Throughout the video, soft orange and blue lights act as a cue to illustrate the moods of the scenes. When there are scenes of love and intimacy, a blue light is cast over the subjects. Blue usually represents serenity and stability. On the other hand, the dark orange and red tones showcase heated arguments between the couple. The tune is a melancholy bop that will effortlessly put you in your feelings.

Why you showing out for all these people/This ain’t what it was in all the previews/Eventhough you know I got to see you/I need to, I need to

The video definitely captures the fiery, conflicted passions that normally plagues long-term commitment between two lovers.

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