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Dallas rapper S3nSi Molly, Good Gas, and FKi 1st share ‘Don’t Call Me Boo (Skrrt)’ visual: Watch

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I think the different elements and effects of S3nsi Molly’s video are fun, creative, and trendy. Who doesn’t enjoy a convertible, bling, extra-long full sets, baddies, and Scarface and hot pink fire explosions? And of course, you cannot leave out when as a woman, you mind your own business, and a man just has to get in the way, especially at the gas station. I love her black catsuit, and the necklace changes between scenes. Her accomplices in the backseat look what I like to call cute and comfy or cozy chic.

Her parental advisory lyrics and her rasping voice are worthy of both the ‘Freak Bitch Playlist’ and ‘Bad Bitch Playlist’ classification. Check S3nsi Molly video out on YouTube and, more specifically, 1:45 in the video, that scene right there is everything!

Good Gas and FKi 1st, I want to shout-out because I appreciate the speed of the beat meeting the rate of S3nsi Molly rapping. And per usual, I love it when my speakers knock and rattle. I miss being able to go outside to the strip club. I remember the joy of choosing music to get ready before the club. I miss the valet and VIP sections. This song gives you ‘boss’ energy. S3nsi Molly started the video riding around the neighborhood, and then she is making moves with a cute crew. Coming down in her convertible Mercedes Benz, she is giving you that pretty girl attitude to let them know you own it and don’t let them play with you.

If it was 2005, ‘Don’t Call Me Boo, I’m Not Your Baby’ would be my name on MySpace. I would have a black background, with glitter letters that read baby girl and the little Bratz dolls on it. The mouse would have to be a glitter butterfly for sure. But it is not 2005, and what is trending today is Tik-Tok.

Written by Manny King John

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