Ryan Rose, a former ‘Bad Girls Club’ cast member, just released a mixtape

Stream “Different Now”, a new mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Ryan Rose’s rapper.

Here are five things we learned about Ryan Rose after playing her debut mixtape.



yan Rose was a cast member on the 16th season of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” She’s moved from coast to coast and is a competent rapper now. Once a resident of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Rose has moved to Los Angeles to continue to build her music career. Rose released her debut mixtape on October 31, 2017. “Different Now” is boastful, fresh and it lays bare some sides of Ryan Rose that “Bad Girls Club” fans might find familiar. And, also, she uses this mixtape to reveal sides of herself that you’ve never seen before.

Here are five things you might learn about Ryan Rose after listening to her debut mixtape.

Ryan Rose
Photo: Kevain D. Delpesche

Things have changed for Ryan Rose since she’s moved to Los Angeles. A move from coast to coast can change a person. On “Different Now,” the first track of the mixtape, Ryan Rose reveals that her life has been different since she’s moved to California. “Man, you know, we out in Cali/Double R man/Everything just different now,” reflects Rose, while a simple tune on piano transitions into a smooth beat.
Ryan Rose is not here to mess around. According to Rose, she’s making music like it’s her job. The closing track on “Different Now” is an upbeat song called, “There She Go.”

On it, she raps, “Stepped to the plate and I took my shot/In the booth, give it all I got/Told these ****** that I’m on the clock like this my job/This is my job. 9 to 5, yeah, I’m on that shift.”

She’s proven to be a successful rapper in the future based on her drive. It’ll serve her well.

Ryan Rose loves her squad. Thematically, her love for her friends and supporters is a theme she turns to again and again in various songs such as “All Summer,” “Like Whoa,” and “Same Crew.”
Ryan Rose wants to pave the way for other young rappers and musicians. It’s good to see someone make their dream come true. It takes an empath to do that and being the conscience of helping other rappers who will, without a doubt, come after her.
No topic is off limits. Ryan Rose covers a verbose of topics on her bombastic mixtape. The topics include Ferraris, being a CEO, living rockstar-crazy, and ballin’ out of control. Skrt Skrt. “Different Now” is a testament to Ryan Rose’s skill as an emcee. It’s meant to show the world what she’s capable of as a rapper. What do you think? Did “Different Now” do what it was meant to do? Give her debut mixtape a listen. Then, let us know what you think.


Written by Manny King John

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