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Florida-native rapper Rozlin details what it is like on the way to success (Premiere)
Rozlin's cover art for "What's Next?"

Today, the Naples, Florida-native exclusively shares “What’s Next?” with GRUNGECAKE.


Rozlin's cover art for "What's Next?"

With a budding career history including performances for Tom Green and Andy Dick’s web shows, Helena Reznor—professionally known as Rozlin—is a quirky and animated talent with a unique voice. Based on the unusualness of her output so far, it is interesting to see what she does next. Last year, she visited Europe—more specifically, York, London and Edinburgh. During her time there, she created the video we present today.

Watch the new POV video for the Loraine Cotting-produced track below. The song is about achieving success, what it takes, and how to respond to people who ask.

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