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Round Up #9: Phonte, Eric Roberson, Kehlani & More

This week’s Round Up consists of Phonte, Eric Roberson, Kehlani and more.

Round Up

I think this is a project we’ve all been waiting for, right? Phonte, a third of Little Brother, and half of The Foreign Exchange has teamed up Neo-Soul artist Eric Roberson on their debut project, “Tigarello.” It can’t get any better than this.

It’s an album full of beauty and soul. Let’s discuss “3:45”. What are you doing at the time of morning or night? This song replaces Ginuwine’s timestamp phrase.

The first track off of her upcoming debut album, Oakland born and bred singer Kehlani releases “CRZY.” After dropping recent tracks like, “24/7” and “Distraction,” Ms. Parrish let’s you know that this is one more reason to turn up on all of you, being the bad b**** she is. After her most recent mixtape “You Should Be Here,” she is back and proving to everyone, she’s ready for any challenge!

Can you all tell what genre I love this week? If not, let’s see if this last track will give you the answer. * Pours cup of chai tea and channels inner Earth Girl * Why? Because Jesse Boykins III per usual eloquently expresses his love for women, in his latest single “Earth Girls.” He had me at “I Wish” and “Itis “ from his previous albums, “Love Apparatus” and “The Beauty Created.” Sharing his experiences from Miami to New York to Germany, an ode to girls who call Earth home.

So, I’ve yet to take a trip to California, but this is exactly how i envisioned it. Heaven. “California Heaven,” by JAHKOY ft. Schoolboy Q, they feel me. With such an easy, slowed down vibe. Yes, I plan on buying a ticket. Warm weather, no humidity and partying on weekdays. Sounds, like heaven to me.


Written by Manny King John


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