Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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London-based producer Rosehip shares debut single called ‘Mirrors’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

UK producer Rosehip brings us his debut single, ‘Mirrors’. The synth-heavy instrumental track begins by building momentum into what is sure to be a heavy and impactful beat “drop”, but gently crescendos into an up-tempo Pop track. We are then transitioned into another section with a prominent bassline and stripped instrumentals. Rosehip takes us on at least three more transitions into heavier synth rhythms, beautiful piano-based melodies, and drum-driven Electronic elements.

The track is aptly-named ‘Mirrors’, as it speaks to the reflective nature of humans as they look in a mirror. The soft, mellow moments reflect the vulnerability that one may feel when they look in a mirror and see the raw, true nature of self and all its flaws. The up-tempo moments speak to the “messiness” that may also be one’s reality—the real them that they see in the mirror that isn’t polished and perfect. But, as a mirror does, the song marries these two dualities and presents us with the beautiful result that is this tune.


Written by Jasmine Joseph

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