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Bajan singer-songwriter RoRo shares self-reliant track ‘Trouble’

Chock full of personality, RoRo’s ‘Trouble’ is bubbly, effervescent, light and catchy like every debut single should be. I found myself tapping my foot and humming along immediately. ‘Trouble’ as it always begins is fun and breezy. RoRo’s voice melts on the Maverick Sabre and Ed Thomas (Jorja Smith) written track. She is refreshing like the first mimosa on a Saturday but charged up like your third round.

RoRo’s versatility is effortless, not forced like other Island Pop contemporaries. It’s as if she is sonically flittering from genre to genre like a lily pad. She reminds me of early Sean Kingston, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. The third quarter is still wide open and this is just the song to get Ro rolling.

Written by Sade Wilkins

Sade is an unrepentant super fan of good music and great food. Hard to impress, but always searching for that heat, whether in the kitchen or in the studio. She is Brooklyn's Bon Vivant.

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