In a song inspired by manic depression, ROLE MODEL keeps it all the way real in ‘six speed’


There’s nothing like quick escalation, especially in the form of song. From fighting through the clouds of depression to waking up in bed alone after a gratifying ménage à trois, ROLE MODEL—real name—Tucker Pillsbury holds our hands through a day and a night in his shoes. Simple stripped down and pleasant in its delivery, ‘six speed’ is a well-written song with complexity and profundity of thought.

The part of the track that split me in half were his lines about pretty people. Please, I am no psychotherapy expert or psychologist, but I think the small groups of people with symmetrical faces and undeniable beauty, suffer from irregular pressures the everyday person may never experience. Here’s why, and I think we see a form of it everyday online whether a celebrity or a beautiful person is involved. An ordinary person usually thinks a famous, rich or a stunning person is without problems and carefree. I’m sure media has a huge responsibility in that, but if they ever look like they’re going to mess up, crash, or gain some weight, they are unforgiven. The world focuses on them to critique, sometimes, visually.

Imagining himself, as if he isn’t a handsome fellow, he shares that if I had a face like that, he would never love anyone else.

Watch the calming video below. There’s not a lot going on: Just ROLE MODEL singing into a microphone, playing the piano, a bicycle in the frame, and sun-drenched cinematography. Bicycle? Why? It is a metaphor for manic depression.

“The six speeds on my bike are like having six different moods that just shift back and forth whenever they please.”

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