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7@7: An evening playlist featuring RIZR, Loud Forest, and more

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Duo-Tone Productions, RIZR, Loud Forest, and more.

Loud Forest
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Duo-Tone Productions – Sunrise featuring Tori Cross (Submission)

Put on your dancing shoes. Duo-Tone Productions just blessed us with a fantastic record featuring the British vocalist Tori Cross, who will perform at an upcoming ‘BBC Introducing’ showcase this Summer. ‘Sunrise’ is what it says it is, a song best kept for the Summer days to come. Luckily, there are no rules on when or how you listen to your music—unless of course, you live in an environment with stiff miserable people. Hopefully, you are not in the following situations. I will send a prayer up for you if you are. For everyone else, check out the extended version of ‘Sunrise’ below.

Marc Benjamin & JPB – Devil In Disguise featuring Syon & Yung Fusion (Submission)

A devil in disguise? I guess that’s what we call the people who come around us to sabotage us. With a song filled with sad lyrics at its core, the Dutch producers make light of the intensity of the topic. It is a tragedy that life is not as half as polished as the record. Stream the anthemic Fusion R&B track below. It’s out now via Protocol Recordings.

RIZR – Soulja (Submission)

Do you hear the echoing sounds at the beginning of the song? If it were a movie, that tells me that something of significance is about to happen. Also, the Jamaican Patois vocals used in the soundscape brings a level of authenticity back into the Dub track. ‘Soulja’ is one of many well-crafted songs by the Queens, New York-native ‘bedroom’ producer. He has supported acts like industry heavy-hitters (AraabMuzik, Just Blaze, and !llmind) and movements like Midnight Dreams Collective and Soulection. Without further ado, check out the single from RIZR’s ‘Vamos!’ EP below.

Loud Forest – Hold On (Submission)

‘Hold On’ sounds like it is made for television. In my mind, I can hear it masterfully queuing during a pivotal part of a storyline where the lead actress finds a clue to complete an investigation. Loud Forest’s outstanding Indie Rock track is the kind of song that you play when you’re looking for inspiration to keep going! When you feel like you’re going to break down and crumble, ‘Hold On’ is the type of track that you put on, as you wipe the tears from your cheeks. I don’t know everything, but I believe that you are strong when you are able to continuously push past your personal fears and limits. As the song suggests, you will make it out alive, as you long as you hold on, tight.

Listen to the single from the band’s new LP titled, ‘Please Don’t Disappear’.

Luvsick – All This Pain (Submission)

After witnessing it with my own eyes, I discovered how talented the people of Denver are. They have a different approach to their music—which brings me to a Denver local recording artist who goes by Luvsick. Previously, he went by ‘Smoky Bare’.

Listen to the twenty-five-year old’s latest heartwrenching record, ‘All This Pain’ that documents his relationship with painkillers/pills. Unfortunately, a lot of young people are battling addiction. I know some, personally, and as the artist says in the song, I wish it wasn’t this way either. Until we get to the bottom of their pain, we will have more and more people addicted to substances to cope with their issues.

Shaun Frank & Krewella (Submission)

Sensual and inquisitive, ‘Gold Wings’ by Shaun Frank & Krewella is an Electronic Dance Music track that keeps the usual sounds, but detail passion and sincerity within love and a relationship. It’s about trust, allowing your partner to lead. Hear the illustrative ‘Gold Wings’ now by the Toronto-native producer and the Northbrook, Illinois-native sisters below.

FRANKIIE – Dream Reader (Submission)

I’ve never been to Vancouver, but if it’s anything like the dreamy music FRANKIIE, I need to plan a trip this evening. Described as ‘lush and ethereal’ by Billboard Magazine, Indie Rock four-piece band sings about not being able to escape the person you have become. The official music video is also out now. You can watch it beneath the embedded audio player below.

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