Get to know Richardine, the master behind the machine through new podcast interview

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Who’s pulling the strings behind GRUNGECAKE? Who is Richardine Bartee? The glamorous, GRAMMY-attending, feature article-writing, website-building CEO or the down-to-earth lover and student of music who found her passion in written word?


On Episode 101 of SOB: Style of Business The Podcast, host Keetria closes out 2019 by interviewing Richardine Bartee, the CEO and main contributor to this very site. I don’t know about y’all, but I love interviews that just sound like a conversation with some questions thrown in, and that’s what this was. Keetria and Richardine discussed a bunch of topics, like the hurdles of navigating this new age of the internet and social media — especially as a person in the media industry in your 30s. They talked about knowing (or not knowing) when to turn off and practice self-care, getting a therapist, and Richardine watching her dreams come true as GRUNGECAKE Magazine became a nationally-recognized publication. Richardine spoke at length about coming into her own as a writer, using writing as an outlet, and discovering the power of her pen; in her realizing her gift for words, she transformed that into an entire publication that could transform the lives of new artists and business owners. And that’s what it’s all about for her, at the end of the day.

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You can hear Richardine’s excitement and commitment to the cause in her reaction to Keetria already knowing a new artist that Richardine’s been working with. And this excitement – the happy squeal, the deep belly laugh that only comes from genuine emotions – is why, right after that, she was able to recap such a fantastic 2019. She does it for the people, and for that, she’s been rewarded. Get to know Richardine by listening to Episode 101 below:

To read Richardine’s article about what happened to her family and her a year ago, visit this link.

Written by Manny King John

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