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Rich Homie Quan Raps About Raping A Girl In Leaked Song

Things got a little uncomfortable today as an unreleased song from Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan resurfaced. “I Made It” featured some questionable lyrics from Rich Homie Quan, that describe rape in an almost pragmatic tone.

Rich Homie raps:

“I don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her/ She tried to resist, so I took it from her/ How you gonna tell me no?/ You must not know who I am.”

This afternoon, he released a statement apologizing for the release and making it clear that he “would never condone rape.” However, with the Internet already in a frenzy, it might be too late for apologies or explanations.

In the same breath, there has been no outright stoning of the rapper. It could be because society has created such a cloudy picture of what constitutes rape. If fact, much of society spends their time either justifying rape or ignoring it all together. The real issue is not whether or not one rapper truly meant what he said in an unreleased song. It’s more about how many men and women see nothing wrong with the events he describes.

While Rich Homie Quan may never consider acting on his initial thoughts, knowing that such things cross the minds of people every day is almost chilling. Read Rich Homie Quan’s full statement below.

“‘I Made It’ was never intended to be released. The song was not lyrically what I wanted to say and was not completed. Without my knowledge, there was a studio leak of the recording. I apologize that it’s out; and I have asked my lawyer to pursue a cease and desist on the song immediately. To be clear, I would never condone rape.”

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Written by Manny King John

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