Review: Sye Elaine Spence’s Bloom EP

The Bloom EP is perfect to play when you’re on vacation or want to go on vacation.

Sye Elaine Spence's "Bloom" EP cover art

The Bloom EP is naturally poetic, and unlike many artists today, Sye Elaine Spence has the unique gift of immersing her audience in her creativity. It’s almost as if you are in the cocoon of the butterfly, witnessing the transformation firsthand before the reveal…

In this case the reveal would be the soft, almost altruistic sound that emanates from her core. In a word her voice is heavenly, and so is the EP. As you listen, you are on the journey with her taking steps that leave an imprint of sounds, lyrics and melodies, weaving a brilliant picture for the visual mind, and if you are not a visual person the sound is just as touching. Let the goosebumps ensue as you download the music, we promise.

1. Bloom: Is a wonderful expression of sound and is quietly soulful. This is a refreshing song because there is very little instrumentation used, keeping it raw, and full of emotion. I love this song because of it’s bare, stripped down presentation, it allows you to enjoy the artist and her instrument without all the noise and heavy production.

2. Is this love (Cover): I have to say this is my favorite song on the EP. Although, I’m a huge Bob Marley fan, I love this version because it allows you to appreciate the lyrics that went along to this massive hit. The best part is the way she took her time and presented each verse, and each phrase. It’s not rushed, and the care she took with it allows the raw quality, and devotion of the song to come across beautifully. If you know the song you may remember the words from the original, but with this version you remember what it feels like to fall in love. You remember the uncertainty of love, and the things that made you question “Is this love?” You remember the sacrifices you would make for love, and finally, you remember that you wanted to have that love all the time, no matter what. Sye Elaine allows you to rediscover this song from a deep loving place, only the way a true artist can.

3. You: Is a song detailing the depths of love, in an almost breathless, free-spirited and simplistic way. I loved how the vocals range from high, low, to a quiet whisper, and the melodic sound of her voice blended seamlessly with the instruments.

4. Long Live The Summertime: This is a nostalgic ode to summer, and we’re so ready for it! This track is reminiscent of family, friends and so many events where you are surrounded by the beauty of nature and loved ones. It really shows Sye Elaine’s deep appreciation for all life, and the sounds of nature adds to the allure and transports you to that happy place.

“Bloom” is aptly titled, as this is a beautiful introduction to Sye Elaine as an artist. While her sound is similar to the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, and Esperanza Spalding she leans closer to folk music with a twist, slightly different from the Neo-Soul or Jazz influences of the aforementioned artists. Sye Elaine is successfully creating her own lane and leaving her imprints in the dirt road for us to follow. We are so excited to see more from this artist and eager to join her sonically on a journey of music and self-expression.


Written by Manny King John

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