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Review: Spencer Sutherland is a Bad Influence

“Bad Influence” is about being tempted by a pretty girl.

Spencer Sutherland is a singer-songwriter out of Ohio, who takes a lot of his influence from Emblem3, (his recent song being produced by Keaton Stromberg) with his R&B sound. At first, I was really turned off by all the auto tune. I love every style of music as long as it’s real, so you can imagine I rarely like to hear anything that sounds too electronic. But I started doing more research and came across his cover of Trap Queen by Fetty Wap, where he was only accompanied by acoustic guitars, and when I heard that, I raised my hands up. My ears were like “Whoop, there it is.”

Spencer Sutherland
Photo: Courtesy of New Entertainment Company

This guy has an amazing talent. I don’t know why he even uses auto tune, he can hit some incredibly high notes that are definitely worth showing off. In this song “Bad Influence” he can take his voice up and down with ease. He just has a really smooth voice. He’s always had a heart for singing; in an interview with a Columbus news station he mentioned that in his teenage years he sang at restaurants, and did it unpaid simply because he liked to.

“Bad Influence” is about being tempted by a pretty girl; knowing she’s not good for him but wanting her anyway.

I’ve never really been seduced by someone I don’t know well and fell into it, but I can relate to the feeling of something or someone being a bad influence but you like it or them anyway. That’s how temptation works, right? We all have been intrigued by mystery at some point. In every society there’s a trend, a game, an activity, or even a pretty girl or good looking guy that draws people in. There is something attractive about being bad in the best way (insert wink).

While we’re on the subject of looks, Sutherland signed onto Ford Models in 2014. Both parties are honored to be associated with the other. Also, Spencer played at Dave and Jimmy’s Jingle Nut… Ball on December 8, he will be playing at Bizzy Girls Empowerment Day on December 19 in Beverly Hills as well. This is a busy holiday season for him. Check out his new video for “Bad Influence” below.

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Written by Manny King John

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