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Review: OG Maco’s “Breathe” EP

The Atlanta rookie OG Maco continues to have a strong 2014.

With a few hits under his belt and three mixtapes out, OG Maco encapsulates his unwavering raw energy to thoroughly express his views on the world’s recent and current events. What came as a surprise, Maco gifted the Internet with this three-track EP. As we all know, less is more and the New Atlien decided to use that tactic to let some things off his chest.

1. Get Down: Get Down is the EP’s most uplifting song on the project and perhaps, the best song on the EP. The song is produced by Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids) and having him any production involvement by him is not a bad move. It’s vibe reminds me of Jadakiss’ Why?, with its similar display of sharing facts but also raising awareness on certain issues by simply asking questions.

2. Do Better: OG Maco continues to vent and raise awareness of the recent issues in the song, Do Better. Just like the song title, Maco list events and provides reasons on why the world should do better. History does repeat itself and Maco wants everybody to know. The song sounds dark and resembles a Travis $cott type song, though it sounds weird this songs will definitely have open minded individuals think about their views of world to the point it can be rather touching.

3. Riot: Maco unleashes his signature raw energy on this track. Listening through the screaming and hollering on this track, Maco shared his views on the Hip-Hop culture and how it can be a double standard when it comes to the newcomers outside of the African-American culture, and the artist that were groomed into the culture since birth. It’s not [just] about race but Maco made some points, establishing the unfair differences between individuals. This song is also a call to action for everyone to protect themselves especially, during troubled times.

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