Review: Nusiki, An App For Sharing Music With Friends

When Ben Hewitt, co-founder of Nusiki, describes his platform, he uses epic descriptions.

A Ben Hewitt quotable:

Nusiki “doesn’t just connect people to music like traditional platforms, but connects people through music.”

When you use Nusiki, you understand the reason. The site is beautiful, effortless, and smart. It’s a system provided in response for the simple need: I want to share this song. With a friend. With all my friends. With my community.

Boom, incomes Nusiki. Handled.

The method is simple. You sign up and share. You find songs by using a search toolbar, which displays a list of different videos of the artist or song you searched. I type in “Taylor Swift” and 8 titles populate below the search bar, each accompanying a popular Taylor Swift Vevo music video. I can then share these vids directly to Nusiki.


A Ben Hewitt quotable:

“One search, find any song. One click, share with anyone. One place where all of your favorite music and all of your favorite people unite.”

The website for Nusiki is sleek, all muted tones of grey and mint. It feels instantly cool until I realize (when I sign up) that I have no Facebook friends who use it. No one to follow. No one to have an automatic connection with. How do social networks function when a user has no friends?

Nusiki solves my dilemma because it isn’t merely a social media site – it’s a music sharing site. When I join, the service provides a list of users I might want to follow. The users suggested are trending and popular, people sharing their favorite videos of their favorite songs – just because they think you might enjoy them. It’s magnanimous, in theory.

Ben Hewitt, co-founder at Nusiki

I was curious to see how people behaved on the site. I have witnessed trolls in action on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Does Nusiki have its haters?

Maybe, but I didn’t see ‘em. Each video shared by one of the trending or popular users could be liked and / or commented on. I saw many likes and far fewer comments. The comments, every single one I read, were intensely supportive of the user’s choice.

“Swoon 💕.”

“Wow! Love it! Amazing lyrics…”

“Undisputed classic.”


I wish all of my social media interactions were so positive.

A Ben Hewitt quotable:

“It’s more than a simple song-messaging system. It’s a growing community of people who are sharing their stories, setting trends, finding new music, revisiting old favorites and connecting to people with similar, or vastly different, taste in music.”

Sounds good to me.

When I first used the site, I looked up the hashtag “dope”, since seeing the movie Dope had a profound effect on me, and checked out my options. They ranged quite a bit in genre. Fetty Wap – Again. Meet me on the mountain (acoustic) – Fruition. Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre.

The choices on the site are ample, and the genres of interest seem diverse. I appreciate sites like Nusiki who empower their users to learn and discover and share. It makes listening to music an even more momentous occasion, because now if you hear something good – you’ve gotta share it.

Final Ben Hewitt quotable:

“Think of it this way; If Facebook is the documentary of your life, Twitter is the commentary and Instagram is the photo album — Nusiki is the soundtrack.”

Now, if only I could get some friends to join…

For more about Nusiki, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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