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Review: Nicky Romero, A Night to Remember

(c) Jazzlyn Kirkland
(c) Jazzlyn Kirkland

Exhilarating, entertaining and epic are the words that come to mind when describing last night’s EDC Week celebration. This event featured Nick Rotteveel, better known to the public as, world-class EDM producer Nicky Romero. Nicky, the 23-year-old phenom is best known for his work producing tracks such as “Toulouse“, “Like Home“, and his collaborations with Calvin Harris for “Iron” and the megahit currently spinning at every radio station, and night club and music festival “I Could Be The One” which is a team effort between Nicky Romero and another superstar producer Avicii.

Hook N Sling

Hook N Sling set the tone of the night with a varied choice of tunes which went from the current EDM anthems all the way back to old school tech house. The atmosphere at Eclipse is unlike any other, typically when attending a “dayclub” at night that is what you expect to get, the dayclub experience without the sun. No, not Eclipse. The environment that they have created makes the beach club come to life with a new identity of its own. The large scale lighting set up accompanied by the size of the stage as well as the pyrotechnics display is more reminiscent of an outdoor music festival.



The vibe of the night was just pure love and energy. Looking to the crowd, all you could see is smiling faces, and the crowd chanting “EDC! ECD!”

When Nicky Romero took the stage the crowd exploded with energy and excitement. The tracks he chose for the night definitely reflected the emotions of the crowd to a T. He brought us up with action packed dance tunes and satifiying drops then took us on a journey down to something more mellow and soft to touch the spot in your heart that reduced some of the partygoers to tears. Nicky also shared a very candid moment with the crowd bringing both of his parents to the stage which he’d flown from The Netherlands to the U.S. for the first time. It was also their first time seeing their son live and in action. The feeling of gratefulness and sincerity was expressed and it was a beautiful sight to see proud parents with their accomplished son.

Nicky Romero

In closing, the night could not have been any better. Daylight Beach Club, thank you for creating such a magical environment for the adults to play and I look forward to attending some of your fantastic events in the future.


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