Review: Nemo Achida’s “Side A” EP

Side A is a recently released 7-track EP by the Lexington, Kentucky born rapper Nemo Achida. Each track tells its own different story, which is what makes this EP unique. Not only is the lyrical content easy to understand and follow, but his delivery is on point as well. Nemo Achida is definitely a rapper to not take lightly.

1. Levon’s Unofficial Intro: The first thing that came to mind while listening to Levon’s Unofficial Intro is ‘what in the world is going on?’ Apparently, Nemo is taking advantage of Levon. The funniest part about this skit is the ending where it reveals that the whole monologue is an interrupted studio session. “I booked this session from nine to twooo…”

2. Mighty Devils: As far as being the opening track to the EP (not including the intro) — Mighty Devils sets the tone for the rest of the tracks. Not only does the track start and finish hard, but it seems to pull influences from The Dipset Era; good lyrical content and his witty approach is a nice added touch.

3. Over My Dead Body: “It takes more than one man to build a nation / It takes more than race, so fuckin’ face it / Over my dead body, I’ma feed the people.” Sometimes the best songs do not include screwing bitches and whipping around in “pimped out” cars. The fact that Nemo Achida gives a shout out to geniuses says it all.

4. Amazing (Snippet): The title says it all, the track is just that — amazing. This upbeat tempo track is uplifting and full of soul. The phone snippet is hilarious!

5. Sweat Featuring Cheri Coke: Sweat is my favorite song on the EP, unlike the other songs — this is the only sensual song that puts you in the mood, if you get my drift. Nemo Achida made a smart move by featuring Cheri Coke, she helps bring out the sensuality even more and we love his singing / crooning.

6. Great Breakfast (outro): Aside from the impressive lyrical effort, the beat alone is the first thing that stands out because of the sample. The song in general has that 1970’s meets modern day Summertime vibe.

7. ***bonus*** Get Off It feat. DJ Warren Peace: This has to be one of the hardest tracks on the EP. Get Off It has somewhat of a “sinister-spacey” sound, in which he addresses haters and naysayers. He perfectly references A Tribe Called Quest with the “Hey sucka nigga” line on the hook. Get Off It is that ultimate “back the hell up” and “get out of my face” track.

For more Nemo Achida, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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