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Review: Kes’ “Audio Justice” EP

“Authentic”, “unique” and “beautiful” are the first words that came to mind after listening to Kes’ EP “Audio Justice”. The lyrics and creativity brought forth is deeply moving and unique. Audio Justice provides the perfect soundtrack for mellowing out after a long day, preparing for a night out at the trendiest new age spot, or if you just want to hear a dope new sound. After the first listen, I was sold and found myself wanting more and hopefully you will too!

Kes' "Audio Justice" cover

  1. Redemption: This was by far my favorite track of the EP. This track was so honest and pays homage to all of us who rise above criticisms. “Excuse my expression, but don’t tell me how I should be talking”…that’s all I needed to hear and it became somewhat of a personal anthem.’’

  1. Horses: The word play in this song is incredible and puts a new spin on what turns women on. This song has the roots of Cameo and The Gap Band infused with The Dream and Frank Ocean all in one impressive new age sound.

  1. Gimme Your Luv: “Something changed the day you walked into my life, and now I can’t believe you’re mine”… that is all!

  1. Carry On: The vocal effort put forth in this track is amazing and I feel the emotion behind each lyric. It was almost as if you could imagine the girl he sang this about and could almost picture who you would dedicate this to as well.

  1. Arabian Paradise: The last track of the EP brings the whole project full circle. I would have loved to see a feature or collaborative effort on this one but nonetheless the true gem of Arabian Paradise is the clever tempo and how it changed in between hooks to really create an amazing signature sound!

Audio Justice painted a picture that displayed the caliber of artist Kes is and why he’s on his way to being one of the most prominent fresh faces of the game. It is rare that I hear an EP that brings forth anticipation for more songs, and Audio Justice did that for me.

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Written by Manny King John

Kes' "Audio Justice" cover

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