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Review: Jane Jupiter’s “DUSK2DAWN: The Diary Of Jane Jupiter”

It’s been quite some time since Chicagoan artist Kid Sister dropped some dope music. Matter of fact, it’s been three years since her Kiss Kiss Kiss mixtape and her Kiss & Tell EP were released. Artists every now and then go through a revamping stage, changing up their style or genre of music to better their career. With that said, Kid Sister has turned herself into Jane Jupiter. With her transformation, it sounds like she’s been hard at work perfecting her sound.

Jane Jupiter

Jane Jupiter released a new project called Dusk2Dawn: The Diary of Jane Jupiter. As stated earlier, Jane Jupiter definitely maintained her energy and creativity from her previous projects onto this one. Fans of Kid Sister should not be disappointed. The mixtape sounds quite interesting and well produced. Especially, the song “Higher,” which is produced by Chad Hugo from The Neptunes.

Jupiter’s project also features Ohio rapper, and Kid Cudi’s rapping partner King Chip on “All I Need”. On “Higher,” Jupiter also featured P-Funk musician DāM-FunK on the project. The project sounds really nice but it may take a few plays to thoroughly understand what’s going on in the project.



Jane Jupiter

Watch: Jane Jupiter’s “Higher”

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