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Review: Histibe’s “Take The Form”

In May, I was granted the opportunity to interview one of my new favorite producers, Histibe. Upon listening to Histibe for the first time, immediately I noticed a sense of drama to his sound. Subsequently, artistic and melodic rhythms come to a full on collision Take The Form, his latest album release. Histibe’s new record offers listeners big bass, deep chords and saturating synths which gives this album its diverse and depth sound. The Ukranian composer displays his expertise and keen ear for uniquely layering and blending many different sounds without the tracks becoming too overwhelming. If you’re looking for a change to your playlist with an art meets bass feel, Histibe’s “Take The Form” will cover all areas.

Highly Recommended:

After Party featuring Whensday: “She said she needs somebody… After Party”. The bass and bars have this track number one on my list. The rapper Whensday lays down some smooth rhymes on this ode to the infamous groupie chicks. I am a sucker for some heavy bass and this track has a hearty helping. Turn on the subwoofers for this one!

Late Night Rave: The sound of — what seems to be — some sort of drum-loop mixed with a classic old school “techno” bassline has my heart. I really like how Histibe accentuates the sound with the vocal echo over the track about halfway through and changes up the direction of the music before the steady climax at the end.

Circles & Above: I love the range in sound between the deep menacing voice speaking to me over such a lush, almost heavenly, backdrop. It definitely topped my list for touching a little of everything and keeping me curious as to what the next bar has in store.

Histibe on his lastest release:

[quote style=”1″]For me, the concept is really simple, but powerful. It’s a combination of my past and present with the use of modern music technologies. I show the distance between different genres in this compilation. A wide gap. The gap, which can also be between the age, nationality, lifestyle among people. The inspiration for the people is one of the main components in my music. I like to inspire people with what I do. I truly believe that the tracks from my album, even in this interpretation, may be suitable for any mood and age in this case. Everyone can find at least 1-2 inspirational things inside.[/quote]

To support Histibe, just click here to buy the album. Then, check out our interview with Histibe.

Written by Manny King John

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