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Review: DSLA BLAK WNTR Fall / Winter 2013 Preview

Downtown Los Angeles is most known for its high profile fashion shows and extravagant soirees. However, Diamonds + Spaceships brought a touch of contemporary cuts meshed with streetwear. According to South Central’s emerging designer Shay Collins, the aim for his collection was “to show that talent and art can rise up from the concrete.”

Shay Collins (left)

On a personal note:

When we arrived in the area, due to the repetitiveness of buildings in the Downtown area, we felt like we were lost. Eventually, we found the venue and upon meeting the man of the night, he greeted complimented our entire team’s appearance. I fluttered on the inside but kept a poker face like Anna Wintour.


Next, we followed him through the black baroque gates to retreive our V.I.P. passes. Quickly, our names were checked off of the list and we made our way to the staircase, which lead to the entrance of the action. As we entered, immediately, I felt a wave of heat and it wasn’t too pleasant. Occasionally, I stepped outside of the show area to get fresh air. Owning up to my current temperature and knowing that sometimes beauty can be painful, I opted out of being cute and reneged on my full ensemble. I removed my python-print-leather-motor-jacket-statement. After all, I couldn’t blame anyone else but myself. Yes, it is summer time in California but I wasn’t the only attendee with black and leather on their mind! Our fellow early birds and late attendees were also dressed in black and leather. Luckily, we were V.I.P., so seating wasn’t an issue. We promptly snagged the first couple of seats in the front. It always made it easy to slip in and slip out.




DJ Zuks One spun trap electric sounds on a skateboard ramp booth while waiting for the show to start. Later, DJ B I grew curious, so I begun to roam around and discovered a backroom where original art pieces were being displayed. I briefly was introduced to and spoke with an artist there who shared a detailed insight to four of his paintings. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to meet the other artists who were showing but they were just as intriguing. After feeding my artistry crave, I found myself in a batter with my stomach. Considering I haven’t eaten prior, I found myself overjoyed with the food bar that was set up. There wasn’t a selection for pescatarians but I found myself enjoying a light salad and mashed potatoes that tasted as if my aunt was peeling them in the kitchen humming “Happy Days.” Needless to say, it was delicious!


Scraping off the remaining invisible contents off my plate, the lights started to dim and the DJ made the announcement of show time. Scurrying back to our places, people began to take their seats and grab their last shots at the open bar before the music dropped. Ready for the show to start, our camera lady took her place as the first look marched out. Masculine, black leather tank top followed by a black t-shirt overlaid with a metallic tank top paired with gladiator sandals stomped the runway hard, giving us something compelling to look at. It sort of reminded me of a Brian Lichtenberg collection. Diamonds + Spaceships also provided a look for women that incorporated an oversized long sleeve cotton shift dressed with a hooded scarf to compliment the piece. More metallic shirts and leather tanks, but red shortly followed down the runway as well as a tie-dye shirt for more of a laid back look and feel.



Shay Collins, designer

After the last look walked backstage, Shay Collins came out to share a few words and we all soon became a part of an amazing experience for him. He recited a letter written by his grandmother being proud of his accomplishments and this stepping stone within his emerging career. He paid homage to the streets, in which he was born and raised, but made it clear that good things can and does happen to all. Although there were approximately seven looks showcased, I appreciated the dedication and his passion. Given the right resources and obtaining that drive, Shay Collins and his brand could soar the galaxy.

Written by Manny King John

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  1. The presentation was brief, but fresh!!! Worth the wait in that Sauna of a room. Shays clothes strike a very Euro cord in the land of Baggy Casuals. Let the Games begin. Retailers, can you hook a great designer up???!!

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