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Review: Chynna’s “Chinois” EP

Based out of Philadelphia, a 19-year old rapper named Chynna is a total beast. Filled with diversity, the Chinois EP is far from the typical. It features ambient beats, 90’s boom bap, synthesizers and more. Having worked alongside two of the A$AP Mob members — Ant and Twelvyy — Chynna is making her rounds in the Hip-Hop world. The model-turned-rapper is more than a pretty face. She’s someone to look out for.

1. Plan C Intro: Out of all the other tracks listed, Plan C Intro has to be the most personal track. It all came down to the samples used and Chynna’s narrative-esque, lyrical flow. Whenever your plan A and B do not fall through, make a plan C.

2. Blaadt: Gritty. Street. Unfiltered-rawness. Blaadt is the holy trinity that encompasses all three characteristics previsulsy stated in the beginning of the sentence. With that being said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Chynna.”

3. Bitch: The deepness Chynna conveys in Bitch goes to show you that no matter how hard you try to succeed in anything you do, there is always someone trying to fault you for it. If you ever come off as a bitch to someone because you do not give into request, then take their comments as a compliment. “They just wanna see me with my skirt gone. Shirt off, eyes low…”

4. For That Ass (G Style): Big ups to Chynna for using utilizing Craig Mack’s Flava In Ya Ear sample. The use of a 90s beat brings out more of a street rawness to this track. Not only does the beat give off a nostalgic 90s feel, but Chynna’s vocals and snappy lyrics adds to the flavor as well.

5. Bad Feedback: This track shows the diversity on the Chinois EP. Chynna has went from soft narrative, to street gritty-ness, took us back to the 90s, now gave us somewhat of an Odd Future type beat meets 80s arcade game.

6. Hall & Oates: “Wait til I start eating can we wait til I got ends, I gotta get myself together before I can help a friend.”  Hall & Oates is that typical, but never dying track that speaks on of the come up artist that transitions into the “finally arrived” stage.

7. For A Minute: What can be more explanatory than doing this shit for a minute? The title explains the meaning of this track, doing this shit for a minute.

8. No Smoke: If no one finds this beat hard, then you just might need to get your ears checked. Besides the beat, Chynna has been coming hard on this whole EP, but this has to be my favorite. The word play used goes to show that Chynna is not only a good female rapper, but she is a good rapper in general.

9. Stigma: From the start of the track, to the drop of the beat–Stigma puts you in a state of realization that opinions from others does not always matter. Other than the message, the overall track nicely put together.

10. 813 Joints Outro: This was rather an interesting way to end the EP (not including the Selfie Bonus). 813 Joints Outro shows more evidence of diversity that is displayed on Chinois. Even though there are no lyrics present, you can still feel the sultry and trancelike vibe of the track.

11. Selfie (Bonus): “I want Versace silk shirt with the works, gold stitch.”  Best believe Chynna is serving us 90s boom bap nostalgic realness. The first thing that comes to mind is Bahamadia, a female rapper from Philadelphia. Philly stand up!

*Unfortunately, we were unable to download Chynna’s EP to embed with our review. Kindly visit this link to listen to the music.

[highlight background=”#00e7b4″ color=”#ffffff”]Editor’s Note: *Unfortunately, we were unable to download Chynna’s EP to embed with our review. Kindly [/highlight]visit this link [highlight background=”#00e7b4″ color=”#ffffff”]to listen to the music.[/highlight]

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Written by Manny King John

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