Review: A Style of Business Manual, written by Keetria Garner Chambers

Branding is one of the most crucial pieces of business and is important in nearly all fields, from Entertainment to Education. The way a business is represented and how it appeals to the public can often measure the success of a venture, especially during this era where social media rules the digital world. Keetria Garner Chambers, a reputable marketing and publicity professional, is releasing her new e-book series titled Style of Business: Tips and Ideas For Creating An Irresistible Brand.

Style of Business

Style of Business gives budding professionals an in depth insight into starting a business and the strategy behind creating a successful brand. The quick read carried the same potency of a Marketing 101 textbook. While each aspect of the book provided strong insight to the various aspects of building a solid brand, there were two sections stood out and are definitely rare gems because many manuals are not taking the time out to focus on these crucial areas of branding. She advises budding companies to cultivate their company’s image both on and offline (with such a reliance on online presence, not many are remembering the importance of offline strategies for branding) Many forget the importance of word of mouth and street teams to endorse their products. Second, she provides an accurate guideline for avoiding and overcoming detours that may derail budding businesses.

Style of Business is not only a must-read, but a must-apply. I found her insight to be delightfully engaging and wise without the dense textbook feel. The anecdote at the beginning immediately captured my attention and I am pretty sure it would capture yours as well.

Download Keetria Garner Chambers’ Style of Business via this link.


Written by Manny King John

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